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I have been folllowing you since the first Easter Massacre and I have to say this one is amazing and follows in the same steps as the previous ones. I was at first thinking it was straying as it had no weapons, but that was a nice way to bring them back. Love the fact that you used the classic and well known sound effects for the fight scene. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.
Hopefully we will see more of the Easter Rabbit next year!

You made my morning...

Yes i suppose it has been a year, a year of anxiously waiting for this episode. I started watching the series since about a month after the fifth episode came out, and I've been keeping track of the episodes daily going on watching your series over and over giving it 5/10's for every day this year, only missed 1- 2 weeks worth of days in total. I really appreciate the hard work you do for your fans and i promise to donate what I can to support your cause... lol. No, but seriously this was all and more than i expected this episode was amazing, especially with the introduction of 3d rendering and the vector drawings that really shocked me. I also have a question, where did the priviews come from? Then there is the new turn with shadow, he left the team a really unexpected twist that may be a start of a new storyline with shadow? Anyways I guess you're tired of reading by now, and though I can continue on with this review of how greatly you produced and programmed this episode I will leave you to work on with the next episode. Keep doing a good job alvin-earthworm I will leave comments on some of your other work so make sure to look back to see them. Well bye!

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I've waited too long for this! Iwas so excited about the third part in the easter massacre thrillogy! I was so excited about it that i ended up going on newgrounds every day from march 8th till today just to watch it! I was so shocked when i saw it was the nurse and santa fighting this time instead of the easter bunny! I wonder though, If these last two parts been about one of the first three kids in An Easter Massacre 1 surviving..... will the next one be about the third kid surviving????!!!!
And for you people that think its just all random look at part one and two, there are reasons the easter bunny's hurt and why santa said he survived.

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the single best game ever...

i loved this game its awesome oh and btw u can get super monkeys i had 3 until i left da screen and lost but anywas i had 5000 and many missle launchers and on level 65 so there gos to show u can get high up in this game
5/5 and 10/10

just what i needed

I was looking for a tutorial like this because i could never know how to use the backgrounds so this tutorial is really helpful. It would be better to add a scene select feature. and actually say what program you're using to not confuse people

I finished it!!!

After days of playing i finally finished the game. This game has been the single best game Ive ever played! 5/5 and 10/10

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